Main Course

Chew me up and spit me out, fuckboy, my bones are made of diamonds and my heart pumps acid green

Watch your teeth splinter like toothpicks, lips quiver and shake, melt, dissolve

Scream, fuckboy, scream! 

You have power over me? YOU have power over ME? My fingertips are eagle feathers and I fly above your bullshit, I’ll do a fucking barrel roll, that’s two ways I’ll be flipping you the bird.

I’ll admit, you had me for a second there, you owned me for a second there, for a second there I let you. But we are Hera and Zeus; I am a bad bitch and you think with your dick, and the only universe in which I let you temper my holy flame is pure mythology, baby!

So eat me. Fucking eat me, if you can. If you can stomach my talons and fangs and if you can bear to rip the leathery skin from my thighs, eat me. I’m ten pounds of righteous fury in a one pound bag and I taste fucking terrific.


Author: thesmellofsage --- or maintain the hard night after meeting a woman for infrequent meetings you seem probability then.

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